About Us

Ex-U.S.A. president Bush got treated for alcoholism by a Christianity based rehabilitation facility. He made a head office of faith-based community initiatives in white house permanently, in May 2002. It is proven that the World’s best results in rehabilitating drug addicts are through faith-based facilities. 

Rah-e-Rast is Islam-based therapeutic community. There are 3000 Christianity based, 780 Judaism based, 540 Buddhism based, 324 Hinduism based, 3 Zen based, 1 Zoroastrianism based rehabilitation in the world. 7 Christianity based facilities in Pakistan.  Islamic rah-e-Rast is the First Islam based therapeutic community for addicts in the world, founded in 2002. Rah-e-rast has positive results more than 70%. 

Therapeutic community means ,ex-addict medical professionals, live 24 hours with the patients throughout their treatment term. Therapeutic communities use abreactive ’ modality for rehabilitation. Rehabilitation by definition means, taking apart into pieces something that has lost normal order and then fixing the pieces together in a normal order. Abreactive modality leads patients to their past through different means, so the patient can identify for him-/her-self the emotional and behavioral mistakes/blunders(of the past), and correct themselves in the light of the new education/awareness provided in the community and through advice of other patients as well as self analysis. 

These processes definitely are very difficult undertakings requiring health professionals’ round the clock attention and this field has the least expression of gratitude by patients and families, also the choice between health or money lies only with the family and is not the doctor’s choice. However this is an expensive method of changing the patients thought, perception and action/behavior patterns for good. 

Islamic Rah-e-Rast uses modern scientific knowledge to educate the patients about the disease treatment and cure, and all scientific data is proved from The Holy Quran and Hadees, as well as vice versa. Giving up addiction is a process, however within 40 days the patient is convinced that if he/she breaches Allah’s law, then Allah’s next law is that the patient him-/her-self will get broken. 

Rah-e-Rast is the ONLY therapeutic community located in a fully equipped private hospital with all necessary life-saving apparatus and labs. We admit patients from Arabic, English, Russian, Urdu, and Punjabi speaking Muslim cultures. 

 The only Pakistani therapeutic community also registered with the ‘Narcotics Affairs Section’ of the U.S.A. State department.   

Medical Philosophy, unequivocally states that the best doctor for treating a disease, is a doctor who has suffered from the same disease, and Dr. Mahmood Rafiq is an ex-addict. More than 3 patients gave up long time addiction to drugs by only reading Dr. Mahmood’s book and no treatment at all except regular outdoor counseling. 

Founder Dr. Mahmood Rafiq’s book “addiction, disease, treatment & cure” distributed throughout Punjab by Anti Narcotics Force, regional directorate, Lahore.  The book is FREELY downloadable in – English, Urdu and Arabic from the links below.

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