About The Director

Dr. Mahmood Rafiq was born at Saudi Arabia, in 1960, educated primarily in Saudi Schools, Shifting to Sadiq Public School, Bahawalpur in 1964 and back to Saudi Arabia in 1966, to eventually become a cadet at cadet college Hasanabdal in 1972.Finished his M.B.B.S from King Edward Medical College in 1989 and worked at Mayo hospital Lahore, Services hospital Lahore, Social Insurance hospital Riyadh Saudi Arabia, Shash Hospital, Tashkent; Uzbekistan, where he co-founded the English language chapter of Alcoholics Anonymous with the second secretary of the U.S. Embassy (Tashkent)John Gisseke… later as a drug counselor in colombo,sri lanka,ending his general practice at Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi in 1999 Initiated the Islam-based therapeutic community named,”rah-e-rast”(rehabilitation of addicts through homologic education and related amendatory socio-psycho-spiritual training).in 2002.
Dr. Mahmood authored the books:
1. Teaching Pakistanis to speak read and write Russian in 40 days.
2. Addiction, disease, treatment and cure (in Urdu, English and Arabic)
3. Family’s manual for convincing a patient unwilling to take treatment for addiction.

Dr. Mahmood’s life story was asked for by the deputy director( Ms.Kirsten,2004) of the U.S. State department’s ‘international narcotics and law enforcement affairs section’…it was posted by a British organization, ‘alchemy project’ on their website; however the demise of the alchemy project’s director (John Chamberlain) terminated their website.

Life Story